Toyota C-HR Pushing For FCEV, Not Diesel!

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The Toyota C-HR is a popular compact crossover and it’s good to know that Toyota has got some big plans in-store for the vehicle.

The carmaker made it clear earlier this year that they are exploring more powertrain potentials with the C-HR but they never specified on the details of the powertrains which they are looking into.

This has led to rumours claiming that Toyota wants to make the C-HR extra special through giving it a rare offering – diesels. We are shocked by such allegations because diesels on Toyota’s production cars are too rare and there is also the fact that diesels are rapidly falling out of favour.

As such, it is unlikely for the C-HR to run on diesel and today we can confirm more on this after Toyota clarified that they are looking at FCEV.

FCEV is a new technology that relies on hydrogen as an alternative to gasoline and Toyota believes that it will be the future of the automotive industry. But unlike EVs, FCEVs have yet to get widely accepted in the market because there isn’t a convincing build on a car at the moment.

We can say that the Mirai has done a fabulous job at highlighting the potential of FCEV but the price point of the car is still far too high. Perhaps, Toyota has found a new formula and they could be planning to show it to the world through the C-HR in the near future.