Toyota Camry Has Superior Advantage Against Honda Accord

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The affordable midsized sedan segment is experiencing a sharp decline on the sales front and this has negatively affected every car in the scene. One notable name that has been struggling with the decline is Honda Accord.

The latter had just been upgraded with a fully-turbocharged line-up but even that can’t save it from going on a decline. Honda blames it on the crossover trend which is hurting the Accord but that isn’t accurate at all.

We say so because there is still one car doing reasonably well in the market and it is the Accord’s fiercest rival, the Toyota Camry. The latest Camry may not be as attractive as the Accord on the numbers but that didn’t stop the car from continuing its dominance in the market.

The credits go to Toyota’s shrewd business decisions where one of them is to offer unbeatable financing deals. If you’re to head to the nearest Toyota dealer, you will notice that the Camry’s recipe for success is owed to the attractive financing deals where things can go as low as 0% APR.

Together with the fact that the Camry is relatively a reliable, bullet-proof vehicle, it seems right for the car to enjoy sales growth in a dying segment.