Toyota Camry: Rodents Threatens Bulletproof Label

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Toyota has the best reputation for producing reliable cars and this is why any Toyota vehicle is immediately nicknamed as a bulletproof car. Their vehicles are just so strong that it is hard to see them breaking down.

That was the case until today when a handful of cars from Toyota faced electronic issues but the strange thing about it is that the issue is not sourced from the production plant.

Toyota did a small investigation on the matter through checking out a couple of problematic Camry and they found that the wires have been dismantled with bite marks. It was then a pest control firm was called upon to follow up on the matter and they learned that the ‘green’ soya wires on various Toyota cars are an attraction to rodents.

It is an issue which Toyota can’t fix through a recall but they can at least learn from it and modify their soya wires recipe in a manner where it won’t give rodents a free meal.