Toyota Camry: The Only Real Gem In Midsized Scene!

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Midsized sedans hold a special place in the automotive scene as they offer a splendid balance in style, comfort and drivability.

Despite being regarded as the flagship segment in the automotive scene, the popularity of midsized sedans have been on a decline in recent years and this is due consumers favouring SUVs.

The shift in popularity has led a number of notable vehicles to suffer a sharp dip in sales and some names that are worth mentioning include the Ford Fusion and the Chevrolet Malibu. Even the Honda Accord suffered a little dip in sales on occasions and this suggests that midsized sedans are not as popular as before.

The only vehicle to survive these testing times without sweating is the Toyota Camry. Ever since Toyota launched the updated 2018 Camry, the midsized vehicle has shown a sharp rise in sales. The month of January 2018 is the best proof for this as the Camry recorded a 21.3% incline from the year before.

This is a positive look for the Camry hence it is perhaps right to say that the vehicle is the last remaining gem in the declining midsized sedan scene.