Toyota Camry vs Honda Accord: No Turbos, No Problem!

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Honda has received a lot of praises since they offered a full-turbocharged setup with the Accord but this does not guarantee strong sales at all. Unfortunately for the flagship midsized sedan, the Accord has been badly affected by the decline of the sedan segment.

What’s more surprising is that the Accord’s rival, the Toyota Camry, has got a less interesting performance but the car is still able to achieve decent sales in a declining segment. What gives?

After doing some research on the matter, we realized that the Camry’s success is mostly owed to Toyota’s shrewd business decision. Unlike the Accord, Toyota is offering attractive financing deals with the Camry.

If you’re to head to the nearest Toyota dealer, you will notice the attractive financing deals where things can go as low as 0% APR. It makes the Camry very easy for consumers to approach hence boosting sales by a big margin.

If Honda is to adopt a similar business setup for the Accord, they can expect to beat the segment’s decline and compete on closer footing with the Toyota Camry.