Toyota Compact Off-Roader May Not Be Based On Tacoma At All

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Last year, at the annual LA Auto Show, Toyota revealed that they are hoping to launch more performance cars and highly-capable utility vehicles in the near future.

While the details are unclear, reports are indicating on the development of a compact off-roader as one of the utility vehicles which Toyota plans to launch by 2020.

Today, those reports have strengthened their claims further after word from Japan suggests that Toyota is negotiating with Suzuki over the possibility of selling the Jimny in the US with their badge. The timing couldn’t be more perfect because Suzuki is about to launch the next-gen Jimny.

If this is to come true, the Jimny won’t be the first rebadged vehicle sold by Toyota here in the US. We have seen Toyota selling the Mazda2 through a different name for the US market hence we can’t write off the Jimny as an impossible idea.

Also, having the Jimny wearing a Toyota badge would mean that the compact off-roader won’t have anything relatable to the Tacoma like how some insiders claimed it to be. Will it happen?