Toyota FJ Cruiser Revival In Light Of Ford Bronco Now Closer To Reality

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After seeing Ford confirming on the return of the Bronco through a new-generation model, we can’t help but to predict Toyota to follow suit by bring back the FJ Cruiser from the dead.

This is likely to happen because the Bronco will have enough popularity to end Jeep Wrangler’s dominance in the 4×4 SUV market thus opening up new opportunities for other carmakers to tap on. Toyota once tried the 4×4 segment with the FJ Cruiser but their inability to threaten the Wrangler has led the vehicle to getting discontinued.

Today, this prediction takes a step closer to turning into reality after a patent from Toyota got leaked online. The leak confirms that Toyota has trademarked the name TJ Cruiser thus raising the possibility of the vehicle to be the revival of the old FJ Cruiser.

If everything is to go as expected, the TJ Cruiser will be competing in the 4×4 SUV market directly against the Ford Bronco and Jeep Wrangler. We have a feeling that Toyota will try something different like building the TJ Cruiser to be the SUV version of the Tacoma TRD Pro. What do you think?