Toyota FJ Cruiser: Spiritual Successor To Be A Tacoma SUV?

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About a decade ago, Toyota brought out the FJ Cruiser to compete in the off-roading scene but the lacklustre performance of the SUV has left the vehicle in the shadows of the Jeep Wrangler.

Things were pretty much disastrous for the FJ Cruiser that it forced Toyota into pulling the vehicle out of the market. However, this shouldn’t be interpreted as Toyota giving up on competing against the Wrangler.

The last LA Auto Show has backed this up when it saw Toyota unveiling several new off-road-tailored SUVs. The carmaker even talked about launching an off-roader by the start of 2019.

While details on the vehicle are unknown at the moment, major reports are claiming it to be an off-road SUV that is largely based on the Tacoma. The latter is the current bestselling pickup truck and it boasts a highly satisfying off-road ability.

If the successor to the FJ Cruiser is going to be a Tacoma that is morphed into an SUV, the vehicle will definitely boast a similar off-road offering. But will it happen?