Toyota Gets Volume, BMW 7-Series Gets The Gold!

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For the past decades or so, Toyota has been the leading name on vehicle sales. Nothing spells common like Toyota and things are no different today.

The sales figures for the first-half of 2017 are out and it showed that Toyota is among the top 3 biggest volume carmakers globally. When it comes to profits however, it is BMW that top the charts.

Yes, you read that right. BMW has apparently earned more than Toyota despite not being able to match the Japanese carmaker on the volume front. In figures, BMW recorded $51.5 billion in sales thus translating to an estimated profit of $6.68 billion.

Most of the success is owed to the 7-Series, which holds 26.9% of BMW’s overall sales. It is also worth noting that the big boost in profits is due to the popularity of BMWs in China.