Toyota: LA Disappointment To Continue Into Detroit!

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Toyota may have brought out a number of new concepts at the recent LA Auto Show but none of them are worth being excited about. This is unless you have deep love for crossovers and SUVs because they are the only things which Toyota has to offer.

It is not only Toyota. We dare say that 90% of major unveilings at the LA Auto Show has been either a crossover or an SUV. The rumours that linked Toyota to bring out the Supra at LA never came true at all.

If that is not bad enough, new reports are claiming that Toyota will stick to their crossover/SUV plans for the next Detroit Auto Show. The upcoming event will see Toyota bringing out a production-ready version of one of their earlier crossover concepts.

When it comes to the Supra, however, the vehicle will not make its official launching in US soil. The happening is quoted to be reserved for Europe since the Supra is built alongside the BMW Z4. As such, we are not expecting anything exciting from Toyota in Detroit.