Toyota Mirai Has Waken The Asian Dragon!

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The China global takeover is already in motion and this can be seen in the smartphone industry where more China-based brands are competing fiercely with established names in the market.

The automotive industry is also seeing China-based carmakers growing in numbers and we may witness a complete takeover in a decade from now. A warning of this happening surfaced earlier today by a brand called SAIC.

The China-based firm made it clear that the downfall of gasoline cars is rapid and EVs are only but a temporary solution. Like how Toyota and Honda predicts the future to be, SAIC said that hydrogen-fuelled FCEV will be the future of the automotive industry and they want to be an early bird in this field.

SAIC commended the Toyota Mirai for setting the pace on FCEV technology and they expect Toyota to bring out more FCEVs starting 2020. By then, SAIC said they will start launching a number of FCEVs on a global scale to get the market advantage over Toyota.

China-based manufacturers certainly have the resources to compete hence Toyota will need to bring their A-game in their FCEV program if they don’t want to lose out their ‘unbeatable’ market volume.