Toyota New Sports Teaser Is Not A New Celica, Here’s Why

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If you think that the next-gen Supra is the only vehicle which Toyota is working on, you best check again because the sudden release of the teaser photo above is suggesting on another revival of an old great.

The teaser photo surfaced on line earlier today and a close observation will allow you to notice the big difference in shape when compared to the next-gen Supra.

Those that have noticed this are speculating it to be the long-awaited, next-gen Celica. The latter is another iconic sports car that was really popular during Toyota’s exciting years hence many are hoping for it to come true. Unfortunately, we don’t think that it will be the revival of the Celica.

According to insider reports, the teaser is hinting on the development of a top tier sports car – something which neither the Celica nor the Supra are. If it’s truly going to be a revival of an old nameplate, the sleek body shape greatly suggests it to be the next, limitedly-produced 2000GT.

The biggest takeaway is with the oversized tire fender that suggests on RWD and a 2-seater layout. This simply can’t be the next Celica.