Toyota: No Android Auto In The Horizon

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Google’s Android Auto is a useful feature to have in a car as it allows an Android-powered device to operate on a vehicle’s infotainment system. The biggest benefit here is that drivers will then get access to Google Maps instead of relying on stock GPS on their car that has never been great at all.

Despite the overwhelming demand to have Android Auto as a standard on cars, mass-market manufacturer Toyota is not giving in to it. Toyota is the biggest automaker in the world and they revealed that they won’t offer Android Auto until the system is clean.

In Toyota’s eyes, Android Auto can be manipulative in the sense that it collects the data of the driver in great detail while also influencing the way other apps on the infotainment system function. Whether this is true or not, Toyota would prefer taking a cautious stance on Android Auto.

For the Android fans, they prefer to think of it as Toyota blocking Google to back-up Amazon Alexa. The latter is a virtual assistant which Toyota has been offering with their cars and it is a rival to the Android brand. So, which is which?