Toyota Prius Blows Outs Hyundai Ioniq Like A Candle

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There’s a reason why, despite its recent failures, the Toyota Prius has and will remain comfortably perched atop the hybrid market: it has grown to be almost synonymous with the word ‘hybrid’.

People don’t drink soda, they drink Coke; and no, Pepsi is not okay. The same goes with the Prius. Nobody drives a hybrid, they drive a Prius.

According to Automotive News, no other hybrid has been able to topple the Prius since its introduction at the turn of the millennium. Names like Ford C-Max and Honda Insight have tried and failed miserably to steal Toyota’s hybrid thunder.

Will the Ioniq be the one to finally rob the Prius of its crown? Besides being a prettier alternative, Hyundai’s new hybrid has the right numbers to mount a serious challenge against its more established Japanese rival.

Whereas the Prius has a combined fuel economy rating of 52mpg combined, the Ioniq manages 55mpg combined. Even the 56mpg Prius Eco loses out to the 58mpg Ioniq Blue, not just in terms of mileage but also pricing as the Korean hybrid starts at about $3,000 cheaper.

But can the Ioniq usher in a new hybrid era by proving that the Prius is no longer king? All variants combined, there have been over 2 million units of the Prius sold in the US alone. For the average buyer, this ubiquity makes siding with Toyota much easier than taking a leap of faith with Hyundai.