Toyota Prius: Did Losses Cause Secret To Escape?

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When it comes to pure hybrid vehicles, there is only one champion in the segment and that is the Toyota Prius. The latest generation Prius is rated highly for its green powertrain setup but unfortunately, it appears that this is not enough to save it from doom.

The latest generation Prius is severely struggling to attract a lot of buyers despite having the best hybrid powertrain to date. This cannot be helped as the Prius’ design is commonly perceived as ugly and it is scaring off the consumers.

With the Prius being unable to capture large volume sales like its predecessors, Toyota will have to resort into executing plan B. The Japanese carmaker spoke in an interview recently and they revealed that they will need to balance out their bank balance by selling away the secret to the Prius’ green energy.

In other words, Toyota is prepared to sell off the secret to the Prius’ hybrid powertrain that has been kept safe since the Prius’ introduction in the early 2000s. From it, Toyota can generate income that can help cover the losses incurred by the Prius.