Toyota Prius Flirts With GRMN Idea – A Woeful Expectation!

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The Toyota Prius is arguably the best green car money can buy right now. The Prius may not have a pure EV setup but its hybrid system is rated to be more efficient and cleaner.

This means that the Prius can offer extremely low running cost and it can make a great daily driver – provided that you can overcome its poor styling. However, you should not expect much on the performance front since the Prius is never meant to be engaging.

But then again, this is something that Toyota wishes to change as reports are claiming that the carmaker is hoping to pass the GRMN moniker to the Prius. The GR debuted on the Yaris and it turned out to be a hit move from Toyota.

The love for the extremely sporty Yaris is huge and it got Toyota promising to offer more GR-tuned cars. If this is to be the way for the Prius, we are not having high expectations at all because Toyota can’t even give it a decent appearance.