Toyota Prius Hits Back After Losing To Chevy Again

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Fun fact: in the history of the US Green Car of the Year Awards, held by Green Car Journal, the Toyota Prius has never been a winner despite having multiple nominations over the years. This is intriguing, considering the fact that there have been over 10 million units of the Prius sold globally since its release in 1997.

For the 2017 award, Chevrolet has come out on top once more with the Chevy Bolt EV, taking over from the Chevy Volt which bagged its second Green Car of The Year title in 2016. The Bolt beat out the Prius Prime the same way its PHEV brother Volt beat out the redesigned Prius the year before.

Well, thankfully the Toyota marque hybrid has just redeemed itself by snatching the 2017 Canadian Car of the Year, awarded by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC). It may not be as glamorous as the US green crown, but it’s a consolation worth pointing out.

This victory is reflected in the Prius’ sales in that market – so far, its cumulative sales this year has increased by over 200 percent over the same period in 2016.

Back in the US, the latest redesign of the hybrid has not helped its cause as well due to its unfavorable styling. Reviewers and sympathizers continue to tout its improvements in efficiency and driving dynamics, but folks aren’t buying it. Its US sales figures just keep falling.