Toyota Prius: One Less Ugly To Worry About!

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We can commend the Toyota Prius for being the leading name in affordable and reliable hybrid market but even that can’t save the car from our hate towards its design. The Prius is just pure ugly and we can’t think of anyone that will disagree with this.

It’s hard to understand why Toyota can’t offer a decent styling for the Prius and they are now paying the price for it. The Prius has got a huge potential to be a massive volume seller but the latest generation model is unable to hit its stride due to the consumers being put off by the design.

Today, the Prius continue to shrink in numbers as Toyota has announced that the V-variant will no longer be on sale. The Prius V is sort of like a crossbreed between a wagon and a minivan, and it took ugliness to a whole new level.

Among every Prius produced, the Prius V had the toughest sales and this has convinced Toyota to pull the plug on the vehicle. It is unfortunate really because everything could’ve been solved with a decent design.

We are not even asking for something stellar here. Just decent looking would bring a world of changes on sales of the Prius.