Toyota Prius PHEV: Can Improved Economy Bring Better Sales?

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2017 is probably a year which the Toyota Prius would love to forget as it saw a sharp drop in the pace of sales. There is no clear reason for the decline but if consumers’ feedback is to be referred to, the Prius PHEV does not have an attractive design.

We can’t help but to agree that Toyota has botched it with the design of the Prius. The Prius PHEV is one of the best economy cars in the market but its design has forced a large portion of interested buyers to look at rival vehicles.

Toyota must have realized their mistake by now and it is probably too late to make design changes on the current generation Prius PHEV. Hence, they have come up with a different recovery plan and that is through improving on the fuel economy of the Prius PHEV.

The 2018 Prius PHEV received some refinements to its powertrain thus granting it a rating of a 1L/100km. This is really insane as the vehicle barely needs a gallon of gasoline to cover 62 miles. The only question left is will it be enough to attract more buyers?