Toyota Prius Prime Bossing Around Chevrolet Bolt, Tesla Model X

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The Toyota Prius Prime is on fire at the moment as it has been recording sharp sales incline in recent months. While still not at number one, the Prius Prime now has the potential to outsell the Chevrolet Volt and other hybrids in the segment it competes in.

Today, we learned something new about the Prius Prime and it is that the car’s hybrid powertrain is greener than a pure EV. It was revealed by Toyota that the Prius Prime is rated to offer 640 miles of driving range and 133MPGe. This is better than the Tesla Model X and the Chevrolet Bolt by a huge margin.

The Model X can only manage 289 miles and 89MPGe whereas the Chevrolet Bolt has 238 miles and 119MPGe. These figures prove that the Prius Prime is greener despite not being a pure EV.

This accomplishment only makes us more excited for the future hybrids coming from Toyota, particularly the next-gen Supra. It would be amazing if the Supra can offer a monstrous performance but with a greener mill than an EV.

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  1. Bob Wilson

    August 3, 2017 at 8:39 pm

    A Prius Prime owner, I did a 470 mile, round trip getting 58 MPG in 9 hours without refueling. The radar based, dynamic cruise control gave extra security when dealing with fog. It is comfortable ride that deals with the poor excuse for USA roads and highways.

    I tried a Volt but it felt like a foxhole. Worse dynamic cruise control is an extra cost, special order which make getting a good price, difficult.

    As for the Model 3, there is a Tesla desert between Little Rock and Tulsa which separates me from my relatives. Although the Super Charger network continues to grow, there are Tesla deserts.