Toyota Prius Prime: Here’s How To Beat Official Efficiency Ratings

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The Toyota Prius Prime is the best, if not one of the best green cars in the market right now. Powered by a PHEV powertrain, the car is said to be greener and more efficient than most pure electric vehicles.

With such an offering, we are not surprised to see the Prius Prime getting awarded with a green trophy on numerous occasions because there is just no beating 1L/100km fuel economy rating.

Well, this is unless you are behind the wheel of the Prius Prime. One owner of the Prius Prime did just that when he took his vehicle on a highly detailed live road test and he finished 100.5km of travel with a fuel economy rating of 0.8l/100km.

Yes, you read that right. It costs more to drink a bottle of milk than it is to drive 100km on a Prius. You can check out the video of the test below to see how you can achieve such mileage.