Toyota Prius Resumes Flagship Duties After EV Update

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Prior to Tesla and the surge in demand for EVs, Toyota was considered as king of the economical market. This is due to their cars being some of the most fuel efficient around. The Prius was the best name in the market as the hybrid powertrain it operates on offers the best in reliability and fuel efficiency.

But since EVs took over, as well as the fact that the latest Prius failed to attract buyers after botching its design, Toyota has been linked with scraping its flagship green car entirely and they will fill the void with EVs to be in-line with the current automotive trend.

It’s a logical expectation but one which Toyota has denied entirely today. The carmaker quoted in an interview with Ward’s Auto that EVs are making a big impact in the market but the company still thinks that hybrid is the best green route for the world.

Toyota mildly explained that the high cost of batteries as well as their degradation rate will ensure that EVs won’t be able to replace overtake ICE cars within the next decade. This is why hybrids will continue to be their main focus, at least Toyota finds a breakthrough with solid-state batteries.

With that in mind, Toyota will continue to rely on the Prius as the face of their green program and they have even confirmed that they will improve on the vehicle’s design.