Toyota Prius vs Hyundai IONIQ vs Kia Niro: Hybrid Wars!

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The popularity of hybrids is growing at a rapid pace and last year saw more hybrids getting sold than ever before. If the popularity continues to grow at the same pace this year, it won’t be long until hybrids overtake their pure gasoline counterparts as the go-to choice for consumers.

Today, there are a number of hybrid cars available for purchase and the Toyota Prius, Hyundai IONIQ and Kia Niro Hybrid are some of the best offerings around. But between the three of them, which is best?

Comparing fuel economies won’t help much because all three vehicles are really efficient. They are all equipped with an Atkinson-cycle petrol engine that works together with an electric motor. But when it comes to power output, it is the Prius that looks the weakest as can develop 120hp at best. Both the Niro and the IONIQ can produce 139hp.

So which of these three cars should you get? The answer can be viewed in the video embedded below.