Toyota Prius Won’t Have Much Time Left

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If there is one thing we really like about Toyota, it is the fact that the Japanese carmaker never gave up on the Prius. The past year saw the Prius being bombarded with criticisms for looking ugly and poor sales prospect due to low gas prices but Toyota never resorted to pulling out their green car.

Instead, Toyota took a step further by making the Prius more attractive through a PHEV model. Dubbed as the Prius Prime, the car is rated to be cleaner than pure EVs and it also promises greater value when compared to other green cars.

Well, now that Toyota has announced on their EV plans, we may soon see the Prius falling out of favour. It was revealed earlier today that the battery that is being developed by Toyota should be ready before 2020 and it will debut together with a highly affordable EV car.

Many speculated that Toyota is lining up an EV variant of the Prius while the minority believes that the EV car will have a new nameplate. Either way, the fact that Toyota is so into the development of their first EV strongly suggests that the Prius Hybrid will soon turn stale.

It is a predictable outcome and we foresee Toyota maintaining upgrades for the standard Prius rather than making leaps with the hybrid technology. Do you think this will happen?