Toyota RAV4: First To Get Pure Sports Treatment?

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Toyota mentioned last week that they are planning to expand their line-up with more performance cars and this program will be spearheaded by the next-gen Supra. Because of the statement made by Toyota, many are excited to see what will come after the Supra.

Toyota may have yet to mention anything on this front but the odds are siding with RAV4 in getting a sports makeover. The Supra is a hot seller in the crossover scene hence it will only be right for the vehicle to get a performance-focused model.

The RAV4 is more than capable of going fast and this is evident on the second-generation model that runs on the V6 mill. Back then, the vehicle became the fastest car produced by Toyota hence it would be fitting for the latest generation model to get the same treatment.

As exciting as this sound, the above is based purely on speculations and you should take it with a grain of salt. Which Toyota car would you like to see getting the sporty treatment after the Supra gets released?