Toyota RAV4 GR Will Skip US Because Of TRD!

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After getting a lot of praises with the Yaris GRMN, Toyota announced that they will go further with their sports program by introducing more performance-tuned vehicles that will be labeled Gazoo Racing.

Better known as GR, the moniker will be passed around several vehicles from Toyota and its aim is to offer consumers a performance option of the vehicles they want to own. The Yaris GRMN has already demonstrated Toyota’s sporty vision and next-in-line is rumored to be the RAV4.

If you are living in the US and would be interested to see the RAV4 GR, we have got some bad news for you and it is that the vehicle won’t be crossing the Atlantic pond. This is because of TRD, which will continue to serve Toyota’s sports vision for the US market.

The good news here is that TRD will be mirroring Gazoo Racing so you can expect the next RAV4 TRD to be as good as the rumored RAV4 GR. All will be confirmed at the next Tokyo Motor Show so stay tuned.