Toyota RAV4 vs Nissan Rogue: Huge Twist In Battle Of Glory!

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Nissan has enjoyed a strong sales start in 2017 and this is thanks to the launching of the all-new Rogue. The Rogue came out to become the bestselling crossover in the market and sales kept on inclining on a monthly basis.

Thanks to the Rogue, Nissan managed to become the leading brand on the sales front and it got many speculating that the vehicle will be the bestselling crossover this year. It sure looks like it but it is not right to write off the Rogue as the winner just yet.

We say so because recent months have seen the Toyota RAV4 making huge leaps on the sales front. The RAV4 continued its new-found momentum in August which saw it acquiring 43,265 new buyers. This is almost 10,000 units more than the Rogue and it is more or less the same as the months before it.

If the trend is to continue in Q4, the RAV4 may just be able to outsell the Rogue and claim the bestseller title in the crossover segment. This is unless Nissan can find a way to prevent the RAV4 from catching up.