Toyota S-FR: Where Art Thou?

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The name S-FR holds a very special place in the automotive scene as it has injected a lot of excitement when debuting in concept form a couple of years ago. But since then, Toyota has been secretive in regards to the S-FR thus leaving the fans in a state of uninformed.

Fans of affordable sports car have made it clear that they want the S-FR to evolve from being a concept into a production car. Such a happening will likely create a chain reaction that will see Honda bringing out a new S660. The revived craze for small but punchy performance cars will also create more competition for the Mazda MX-5.

So, will there be an S-FR? If you are to check out recent concept shows, Toyota has shown their idea on how the S-FR will get developed but they are still indecisive on whether they should proceed to produce the vehicle.

Seeing that Toyota has been pretty loud in announcing their commitment to produce more sports cars through the Gazoo program, there is a possibility for the S-FR to get revived via a production model.

If this is going to breed the new S-FR, we can expect to receive an official confirmation before 2020. If not, then it is perhaps best to start forgetting about the S-FR entirely.