Toyota Sienna Hybrid Can Obliterate Chrysler Pacifica!

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We have mentioned before that Chrysler is at huge risk of a financial plunge as the carmaker only has two vehicles in its line-up – the Pacifica and the 300. Should the competition gets tougher, consumers may snub the Pacifica or 300 for another vehicle and this can hurt Chrysler badly.

At the moment, things are going fairly well for Chrysler as the Pacifica continues to prosper on the sales sheet. Chrysler moved 7,593 Pacifica in October last month and this brings the year-to-date figures up to 93,935. Despite having a weaker October sales, the Pacifica has already surpassed the 2016 YTD sales and this is owed to the minivan’s hybrid setup.

There is demand for greener minivans here in the US and the Pacifica Hybrid came out at the right time to cater to these demands. The best part about it is that sales of the Pacifica are only but a thousand units behind the ever-popular Toyota Sienna.

But as mentioned before, the Pacifica can lose it all when things get more competitive. Over in the global market, Toyota has got a hybrid minivan doing well on the sales front. They have yet to introduce the Sienna Hybrid here in the US but we can expect Toyota to do so in the near future.

The Sienna Hybrid has the prospects to boost sales of the already popular Sienna and Toyota’s expertise in hybrid technology can give them an edge over the Pacifica.

Chrysler will need to prepare for that by launching a new vehicle to support their finances or make the Pacifica better. Failing to do either may only lead to the downfall of the Pacifica.