Toyota Tacoma: A Black Sheep In Toyota’s Family?

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The Toyota Tacoma is one of the bestselling midsized pickup trucks here in the US but this does not necessarily means it is the best choice out there. Despite taking a step forward on the technological front, the Tacoma is described to be a primitive vehicle with many shortcomings.

An update to Consumer Reports’ List of Worsts saw the Tacoma becoming the worst choice for a midsized pickup. CR remarked that no improvements were made to the Tacoma’s design, comfort and driving satisfaction.

“Despite the recent redesign, the ride remains stiff, handling is ponderous, the cabin is loud, and the driving position is still awkward.”

CR also said that the feedback from Toyota Tacoma buyers found many problems with the vehicle in its first year after refresh thus confirming that the midsized pickup truck has failed to live up to Toyota’s bulletproof standards.

With reliability being a major reason for Toyota’s success in the automotive industry, seeing the Tacoma missing out on that DNA suggests that the vehicle is a black sheep in Toyota’s family. It is just hard to accept seeing the Tacoma having more problems in its first year than rival Chevrolet Colorado.