Toyota Tacoma Is Not Afraid Of Ranger Challenge

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What is there not to like about the Toyota Tacoma? Ever since Toyota brought out the latest generation model back in September 2015, the Tacoma has rooted itself on the number one sales spot under the segment it competes in.

The situation hasn’t changed one bit as the Tacoma continues to reign supreme on the sales front for the month of April 2018. Last month saw Toyota moving a total of 18,811 Tacoma and this translates to a 10.6% improvement over April of last year.

On the YTD scale, Toyota has sold 72,590 Tacoma this year – up by a margin of 20% flat. Considering that the Tacoma is 3 years of age, we can say that the consistent monthly sales gain is a stellar achievement for Toyota. The strong sales have also taken away the growing pressure on the Tacoma by the upcoming Ford Ranger.

The next-gen Ranger is said to be the vehicle that will dethrone the Tacoma when it arrives early next year but seeing that the pickup truck from Toyota is doing well, Ford will definitely struggle to fulfil this expectation.