Toyota Tacoma & Jeep Wrangler Struggle At Bottom Of The Pile

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A couple of months ago, Consumer Reports updated the ranking of vehicles ranging from good to bad based on the data collected by the users. The table saw the vehicles from Fiat-Chrysler dominating the list of worsts due to their poor reliability.

Today, CR offered a new ranking but it is one based on their own testing procedures that took place in Connecticut. The new ranking saw little changes to the bottom pile list but also with one huge surprise. The big shock is with the Toyota Tacoma and Jeep Wrangler, which didn’t perform well despite being amongst the bestselling vehicles today.

The Tacoma SR5 is slotted right at the bottom end of the league and this is followed by the Jeep Wrangler. The problem with this is that the ranking is based on CR’s ratings on the car hence it is fully based on their opinion, perspective as well as taste.

In other words, you should not let the ranking influence you. Instead, you should just use them as a reference when finding the right vehicle to purchase.