Toyota Tacoma Prospects Dashed By Returning Ford Ranger & Hyundai Pickup

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The midsized pickup truck segment is turning into Toyota’s playground and this is thanks to the Tacoma. The latter is currently the bestselling pickup truck in the midsized scene and it continues to grow in numbers at the expense of rival Chevrolet Colorado.

But then again, the Tacoma’s positioning at the top of the charts is not expected to last as there are new names coming into the market in the near future. Ford has confirmed that the Ranger will be making a return in the US market next year through a new generation model. Then there is Hyundai, which is poised to launch its first ever pickup truck.

The Ranger is confirmed to be near-identical to the global model but it will wear more features borrowed from the ever-successful Ford F-150. As for the Hyundai pickup, the vehicle is due to arrive next year and it will be based on the Santa Cruz. Hyundai revealed that their debut truck will address the thing that is missing in the utility market – comfort.

Knowing that Hyundai tends to make it big when debuting on a new segment, we can certainly expect the Santa Cruz pickup to compete fiercely with the Tacoma. The Ranger too is going to challenge for the top spot. Can the Toyota Tacoma survive the new competition?