Toyota Tundra: Can Hybrid Give Pickup Truck An Uplift?

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Many would agree that the only thing stopping the Toyota Tundra from competing closely with the Ford F-150 is the absence of a worthy new-generation model. The current Tundra isn’t all that bad aside from the fact that it is not equipped with the latest technologies in the market.

In other words, the Tundra is pretty much outdated when in the face of the segment’s bestseller – the F-150. Toyota is well-aware of this and they know that they need to develop something revolutionary if they want the Tundra to touch new heights of success.

If you’re expecting a Tacoma-like offering for the full-sized scene, you best look elsewhere because the Tundra is not going down that route. Toyota revealed that they are working on a new TNGA platform for the next-gen Tundra and it will be one that enables them to equip the pickup truck with a hybrid setup.

Should the said idea is to turn into a product by next year, Toyota can assume the role of pioneer in hybrid full-sized pickup truck. However, whether this will be enough to narrow the huge gap separating the Tundra with the F-150 is a question that will get answered in time.