Toyota Tundra vs Nissan Titan: Nissan Missing Out On Results!

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It wasn’t that long ago when Nissan brought out the new-generation Titan and we can still recall the adverts that paid tribute to the Ford F-Series pickup trucks which have greatly inspired Nissan.

Well, despite all the clever marketing which Nissan has done, the latest generation Titan is still unable to measure up to the traditional American pickups. This year saw the Titan making leaps on the sales front but the numbers are still far from being competitive to rival vehicles.

In figures, Nissan moved 47,342 Titans – a jump from 17,484 over the same period in 2016. The incline is huge but it has dwarfed by the likes of the Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado. If that is not bad enough, Nissan can’t even push the Titan ahead of the aged Toyota Tundra.

The latter is currently the bestselling ‘non-American’ pickup truck here in the US as it has achieved 105,399 units sold. The gap between the Titan and the Tundra is really huge and it makes Nissan look bad because the pickup truck from Toyota is very old in age.

Major reviewers may have given the Titan a better score due to the vehicle having fresher offerings than the Tundra but it is still not harnessing results for Nissan. So, what could be the problem for the Titan?