Toyota vs Volkswagen: It’s An Upset!

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So, 2017 has come to a close and this is the time where we start looking back and find out which carmakers have won it big in the entire year. Today, our focus is on automotive sales and this is a department which Toyota are favourites to win.

Toyota has always been among the top 3 biggest volume carmakers since the late 90s and things are no different for them this year. Furthermore, 2017 saw Toyota competing closely with Nissan and Volkswagen under the sales volume tab. So, which is the winner?

The answer here is Volkswagen and those that knew this have called it an upset. This is due to the odds being stacked against Volkswagen, especially since the carmaker has been caught red-handed for cheating the diesel emissions of their cars.

Well, diesel is already water under the bridge for Volkswagen and we are even more surpised that fans of the German make can find it easy to forgive the carmaker. Otherwise, how else could Volkswagen claimed sales incline by a margin of 10.7 million cars for 2017?

This is more than what both Toyota and Nissan has achieved thus placing Volkswagen at the top spot on the sales front.