Toyota Yaris GRMN Is Rarer Than Ferrari, McLaren & Ford GT!

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Unbelievable is a word that we would use to describe the Toyota Yaris GRMN. This is because the pocket rocket has got the potential to outpace the Volkswagen Polo GTI and also the Ford Fiesta ST.

If that is not shocking enough, wait till you hear about the limited production plans for the Yaris GRMN. Toyota revealed earlier today that they will only produce 400 Yaris GRMN and 100 of them will be made for the UK market. 10 units are sent to Denmark and they are all sold out ahead of time.

This is really hard to believe because Toyota is a big volume car producer and we can’t recall the last time a Toyota car is limitedly produced. The likes of Ferrari and McLaren have always produced cars in small numbers and they are now rivalled by the Toyota GRMN.

To put things into context, Ford produces one GT per day until 2020. This means that there will be about 1,000 GT produced and this is more than twice the volume of the Yaris GRMN.