UK Data Backs Mitsubishi EVO SUV Makeover!

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The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution can be described as an icon in the affordable sports car scene despite Mitsubishi going on a downfall in the past decade or so.

To keep things brief, it has been many years since Mitsubishi graced the world with a new Lancer Evolution and a lot has happened since. Aside from the financial meltdown which Mitsubishi experienced, Nissan bought over the company and promised to launch a new EVO.

The only problem here is that the next EVO in Nissan’s eyes will have the shape and structure of an SUV. For the enthusiasts, this is like a spit in the face from Nissan because SUVs still can’t break their trendy, family hauler psychological barrier hence they shouldn’t be the way for the next EVO.

But in Nissan’s defence, sales is top priority and the only way to make the Mitsubishi purchase seem worth it is through selling popular nameplates in big numbers. The EVO fits the bill perfectly and having it in the form of an SUV can make it rain gold, despite what the enthusiasts think.

This prospect is now being backed by UK’s January 2018 sales data which shows a significant dip in the number of cars sold. SUVs, however, saw a sharp incline on the sales front thus suggesting that an EVO SUV can really serve Nissan well.