UK To Follow LA With Model S Patrol Cars

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It seems that when things get slow for the Tesla Model S on the sales front, they will shift their attention from the consumers to the police force. Just recently, Tesla completed a deal to supply a law enforcer version of the Model S for the city of Los Angeles and it saw the sales figures of the car piling up.

Today, the exact same thing is happening in London, when the city’s metropolitan police started talking to Tesla into producing a law enforcer vehicle for them. The aim here is to replace the gas guzzling patrol cars with EV cars from Tesla Motors.

While the exact figures are not confirmed yet, London Metropolitan Police are looking at 700 units of the Model S which they will look to purchase between now, all the way until the end of 2018.

Some locals in London are pleased with this move as it may see the opening of more charging stations for EV cars. When that happens, the cost of owning an EV in London will get reduced drastically thus allowing the segment to grow in the city.