Uncharted The Lost Legacy: Shots Fired At Tomb Raider?

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Uncharted is a gaming franchise that is closely compared to the Tomb Raider series. Both games are very similar in many ways and it looks like the only differences between the two is the plot and also the console exclusivity.

For Tomb Raider, the game is made for the Microsoft Xbox platform only. The Uncharted series, on the other hand, is a PlayStation-exclusive. After gaining a lot of success with Uncharted 4, developer Naughty Dog has confirmed on a new expansion for the game called The Lost Legacy.

The Lost Legacy will shift the focus to two lady protagonists in their own quest to find an ancient relic related to Hinduism. However, the trailer has already confirmed on a plot cliché where the bad guys are using the good guys to find the valuable artifact.

What we find hilarious is that many Tomb Raider lovers are offended by a comment made by an individual in regards to The Lost Legacy. The lad quoted that the bad guy in the upcoming DLC carries a close resemblance to Lara Croft’s father.

Funny enough, we can’t help but to picture Lord Richard James Croft as the antagonist in the Lost Legacy after reading the comment. They are just too similar and it may just be Naughty Dog subtly firing shots at the Tomb Raider series.