Underpowered BRZ Has Pushed Subaru To Newfound Success!

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The Subaru BRZ is an affordable sports car that is based on the Toyota 86 and like its twin, the car has been blasted by the majority of enthusiasts for being underpowered.

With only 205hp to offer, the BRZ is severely behind on the numbers and this is more severe when other sports car of similar pricing can offer superior performance.

But not all things are bad with the BRZ as the vehicle has actually placed its maker on a new light and it is reliability. Since the BRZ is technically a Toyota 86 with a different badge, the car has been slotted alongside its twin, occupying the eight spot on Consumer Reports’ 10 most reliable new cars charts.

If that is not surprising enough, the BRZ is named as the most reliable car from Subaru – beating every other vehicle in the same camp. This is a new high for Subaru and it is partly why the company won’t defy Toyota into pushing their sports car into getting more power.

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