Update: Waze For Android Auto Edge Closer To Release

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The 2016 Google I/O saw Waze talking about integrating the navigation app on Android Auto. Ever since then, things have been very quiet and nobody has got a clue on when Waze on Android Auto will happen.

Fast forward till last month, new signs start popping up. It started with a Tweet from Waze claiming that the Android Auto integration is now in its Beta testing stage and it won’t be long before the final product becomes ready for the consumers.

The ongoing 2017 CES event then shed more light on the matter when a developer from Waze teased that the Android Auto compatibility will happen this month. It brought out a tsunami of rumours quoting January 21 to be the day Waze gets added to Android Auto.

While rumours should be taken with a grain of salt, the above sounds likely to happen, especially if you are to consider that the map application for Android Auto is already going through Beta testing.