US Announces Urgent Airbag Recall After Ranger Driver’s Death

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A driver of the 2006 Ford Ranger died after running over a cow when driving the pickup truck but the cause of death is believed to be with a metal ruptured inflator which penetrated his neck when the airbag was deployed.

This has got NHTSA, together with several other automotive regulators to call out the carmakers in a bid to solve the Takata issue once and for all. A spokesperson from NHTSA shared with us that they are hoping to get the carmakers to investigate every car, not just the one listed with the known Takata issue.

In short, every vehicle that are equipped with Takata airbags are now being investigated entirely. In conjunction to that, NHTSA is aiming to recall a whopping 5 million vehicles from various makes and styles to get their airbag checked and fixed where necessary.

Just when we thought the Takata cases were finally being put to rest, a new incident occurred. Let’s hope the new recall campaign can finally solve the Takata problem, at least here in the US.