US-Bound Audi RS3 Will Be Half The Deal

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Yesterday, at the Geneva Motor Show, Audi revealed their next few plans for the near future and it allows us to confirm that the RS3 will get released before the end of 2018. Like how it is with other ‘RS’ cars from Audi, the upcoming RS3 will be making its way into the US.

But then again, it won’t be the complete package for the US market. While Audi has yet to share any detail on the release procedure, their past product launching behavior makes it certain that only one type of the RS3 will come to the US and it is the sports sedan model.

The second variant is a Sportback which is a better sounding term for wagons. The RS3 Sportback is not going to debut in the US due to the unpopularity of wagons in this country. It has been this way with other wagons from Audi hence making it safe to assume that the RS3 Sportback will skip the US.

With only two versions of the RS3 produced, it feels right to say that only 50% of the vehicle will arrive here in the US. If so, then will the decision to skip the Sportback come back to haunt Audi?