Used Nissan 350Z Slapped With $140K Selling Price

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Would you be willing to pay about $140,000 for a used Nissan 350Z? The answer is likely to be a no because you can get a whole lot more for that same amount of money. Heck, you can even go for the Nissan GT-R which is a stronger performer than the 350Z.

Despite that fact, we came across an advert on AutoTrader which listed a used 350Z for $138,550 (after conversion to USD) and it gained a lot of attention from the public. Strange enough, the reaction has been positive and it was then when we realized that the vehicle that is going up for sale isn’t an ordinary 350Z.

It is, in fact, the model that was used by the Drift King in the film Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift. The old car was driven by a character in the car-themed film for drifting and it explains why some are going crazy for the car.

So, if you happen to have $140,000 to burn for a collector’s item, you should head over to AutoTrader and try your luck in landing the said Nissan 350Z.