Volkswagen Arteon: Here’s How To Achieve 25% More Power

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The all-new Volkswagen Arteon is a nice car to own, although some owners may say that the car would’ve been better if VW is able to offer more power. After all, there’s no point to being called a coupe if the Arteon can’t go fast – am I right?

Well, if you happen to want an Arteon with more power, there is a way to achieve just that and it is through ABT Sportsline. The tuning firm had just released a power upgrade package for the Arteon that will make the car 25% more powerful than stock.

The first thing you will need is an Arteon that relies on the 276hp 2L 4-cylinder engine. If you got yourself the right car, ABT Sportsline will add in a new engine control unit that will force out more power from the Arteon. ABT claims that it can lead to an overall output of 345hp.

This is a pretty nice upgrade for the Arteon as the extra power can come in handy to show other road users that the car is not all about looks. The only thing which we don’t know is the price for this upgrade.