Volkswagen Arteon Promises Big Challenge For BMW 6-Series

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Volkswagen and BMW are two German carmakers that belong in two very different pools. The former produces affordable cars while the latter makes luxurious vehicles.

Despite this fact, Volkswagen upcoming 4-door coupe, the Arteon is already giving BMW something to sweat about. The Arteon was teased earlier this week through a sketch and it is described as a better version of the Volkswagen CC.

Unlike the CC, the Arteon is more carefully designed so that it is able to come out with a sleek design, roomy cabin and large storage compartment. The details are not out yet but we can be certain that the Arteon is going to be affordable when released.

If the Arteon is able to come up with the right 4-door coupe recipe, then its sole presence can hurt BMW. It is an outcome that is likely to come true as the majority of consumers prefer to spend less for an overall better car.

The Arteon is still a distant away from it official debut and it will be a while before we can see if the car can truly measure up to the 6-Series.