Volkswagen Arteon Wants To Introduce Butt Protection

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We have seen plenty about frontal crash collision prevention systems but what about rear collision? A system to protect a car getting rear-ended is something that is freshly thought out in the automotive industry and Volkswagen wants to turn the idea into a mainstream offering.

The German carmaker revealed that they are now working on a full rear collision prevention system and it may debut on the upcoming Arteon. The new system will operate based on information taken from Pre-Crash occupant protection system. The latter uses sensors to monitor the sides and rear of the Arteon and it will be offered as an add-on feature.

The radar sensors in the Side Assist function can detect the position and speed of vehicles behind the Arteon at all times and predict if a collision is going to happen. Within seconds before getting rear-ended, the Arteon will switch on its hazard lights automatically before closing every windows and tightening the seatbelt tensioners.

This is quite an advance safety suite from Volkswagen and we can’t wait to see how it performs when established on the Arteon. Will it create a new standard in the safety market?