Volkswagen Atlas Given Higher Priority Than Arteon In US

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The world may be in awe over the newly unveiled Volkswagen Arteon but if you think that the car VW’s top priority for the US, you are wrong. For Volkswagen, the Atlas holds a more important position as it holds the key to huge sales figures.

Here in the US, SUVs are selling at a much faster rate than sedans and obviously, 4-door coupes. Regardless of how attractive the Arteon is, the Atlas is still the top priority as sales are what matter most for Volkswagen at the moment.

Volkswagen has already got the recipe right with the Atlas when they decided to offer a 7-seat setup on all trims as well as the latest in-cabin technologies. The Atlas is also tuned to offer a nice balance in power and fuel economy. Early previews with the SUV have seen the testers rating the vehicle to be better than current segment leader, the Honda Pilot.

As such, it is logical to expect Volkswagen marketing the Atlas heavily rather than the Arteon. The latter will be targeting a smaller market and it will make a good attraction at the dealers.