Volkswagen Atlas Looking All Sour In The Eyes Of Ford Ranger!

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The pickup truck scene is about to get a whole lot more exciting as a number of new models are making its way into the market. Aside from the returning Ford Ranger, there is the Volkswagen Atlas Pickup which looks to become the first from the company.

Many are excited to see what VW’s pickup will have to offer but unfortunately, most of them lost interest in the vehicle after reading the early details on the Atlas Pickup.

It cannot be avoided because the Atlas Pickup is hoping to be a lightweight urban utility vehicle instead of a rugged, all-terrain monster. The Atlas Pickup Concept has confirmed on a very modern appearance and a very car-like interior. The Atlas Pickup is then described as something that is more like the Honda Ridgeline instead of the Chevrolet Colorado or even the Toyota Tacoma.

If you are to monitor the current sales of midsized pickups here in the US, the Ridgeline is pegged at the bottom of the charts despite having an splendid urban offering. The same potential is expected from the Atlas Pickup and this also explains why the market is more focussed on the next-gen Ford Ranger.